Voogla Pricing

Our idea is to offer you two options.

First is freemium model, where freelancers and small studios could use all features of app for free.

We dedicated 20 entries for free + 50 more entries when you invite friends, this would be enough for needs of freelancers and small studios.

96% of our users pay nothing.

Second is premium model dedicated for power users. By power users we mean organisations that pay $9.99/month for 200 entries. Industry figures for SAAS products are similar to us, for example only 4% of Dropbox users are premium.

We don’t data-mine your information, we're not selling you to anyone. Our fundamental belief is that we will make money when our users say "we love this product and we want to pay for it".

Save 500 billable hours yearly ($10,000 @$20/hour)

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