Inbox Zero, Baby!

Inbox Zero, Baby!

Finally Achieve Inbox Zero with Canned Responses


Team Collaboration

Canned Responses

Cloud Based

Customer Support


Why should you use Voogla?

If you're sick of typing out the same reply every
time someone emails you with a common
question, now you can compose your reply once
and save the message text with the Voogla.

Later, you can open that same message and send
it again and again. Or even better, delegate the
database with common question answers to your
associates and forgot about it.

No sync problems

We solved sync problems. Your data is stored in cloud and anybody in your team can access it in real-time from any device thanks to responsive design.

Full Throttle

Warning: After you experience our search'n'create engine, there is no return. Any other UI would feel slow.

Nothing to install

You are set-up in 26 seconds.
On the Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android.

It just works™

It took nanosecond to find note and
nanosecond more to store new note.

Why our customers love us

Works Anywhere.

Notepad in Cloud.

No credit card required.

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